Depending on the age, brand and condition of the printer, your used printer will be worth something to someone. We are constantly being asked for refurbished printers, which we sell with a warranty so you have two options to sell the printer once you no longer want it. Firstly, you can sell it privately provided that the unit works and can be easily installed by a potential buyer. You will often be offered more for your used printer privately as there is no built in margin for the dealer who wants to make a profit and also has to build in an allowance for warranties, etc. Take care if you are inviting people to your home for viewing or make this transaction. It may be better to pay $20 and hire a stall at a Sunday market or a Swap meet and have the peace of mind that your other home valuables are not being eyed off. The other method of disposal is through the trade. Whilst the price may be less, a trader will tell you immediately if they are interested and how much they will be prepared to pay for the unit. You will also have no obligations as to the condition of the unit and you wont have to face an irate friend or relative that found your bargain printer does not function as expected. Some dealers will trade your unit in on a new or another re conditioned printer and this is probably the easiest way to dispose of the unit. There are auctions that specialise in computer equipment and they will charge you a handling fee of between 15% and 25% of the selling price. Be prepared to show proof of ownership to anyone buying your printer. The last point we would like to make is that the old adage: "they don't make them like they used to" is worth remembering with some printers and you could find that your printer may still have many years to go requiring only a service or relatively minor repairs. A telephone call or even paying a small quotation fee may save you several hundred dollars in the end. Whatever you do, don't throw it in the bin, someone may want your printer no matter what condition it is in.

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