Experiencing Paper jams?

Have you looked at the paper you have in your printer?

That will be one of the first things that a service person calling on you for paper jam problems will look at. Surprised? Well may be not, but have a look at the paper you are using anyway. Look at the packaging first, does it say anything about which side should be printed on first for best results? This advise is printed on some paper wrapping to advise you that the paper has been prepared and cut in a certain way. Paper manufacturing is an exacting science and grain, finish and the way the paper is cut and even stored may affect the way your printer reacts with it.

Excessive paper dust, kindly supplied free of charge by some paper manufacturers, can accumulate inside your printer and cause premature wear of pickup rollers, fusing rollers, gears and other working parts. After all you are pressing trees through your printer and better quality paper will mean less trouble for your printer. If your purchasing or budgeting constraints don't allow you to purchase the better quality paper, at least have your printer checked and serviced regularly to minimise damage and downtime caused by paper related problems.

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