Most office printers are laser printers due to the speed, quality and the low running costs. There are office size inkjet printers providing colour printing, however, the purchase prices of colour laser printers have dropped considerably and these machines are now providing more versatile printing options. A colour laser printer can print at the speed of normal black only network laser printers so this alone will justify half the cost of buying a colour laser printer. And, instead of buying an office colour inkjet printer, why not invest that money in an all-in-one colour laser printer for convenience, speed and better performance. Colour laser printers taking over from black only laser printers as the main office printer, (although we believe that there are some amazing inkjet printing technologies in development). The main advantage of laser printers over inkjets is that they use a cleaner process, this being dry toner powder as compared to ink which accumulates inside the printers and causes print quality and other problems in inkjet printers.

The cost of ownership is an issue with this type of printer and again, as appears to be the case with most inkjet vs. laser cost of ownership comparisons the inkjet is cheaper to buy but the laser is cheaper to run. The cost of ownership differences between the manufacturers can run into $10,000's over the life of machines and careful consideration should be given to this before purchase. Most manufacturers have these comparisons readily available and if not ask them for it or email us for more information which we will try to provide.

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